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About The Project

The Patriot Exchange is a rapidly expanding global crypto trading platform offering 29 of your favorite coins/tokens. The Patriot Exchange is a fully liquid trading platform that is easy to navigate and offers live, best in class customer support. With a current daily volume of over 6 Million ($USD), the Patriot Exchange has ample liquidity to satisfy every level of crypto enthusiast. (PATX) is the Native Exchange Token of the Patriot Exchange.

Patriot Exchange is a multi-functional platform which allows each participant to keep money in a multi-currency online wallet, buy and sell currency on the exchange, invest money.

Our Features

Advantage of the Project


End to End



Secure Vault

With Arbitration

Few Steps to make your account fully active

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  • 01. Registration On The Platform

    Register using your email address and setting up your 2FA.
    Ensure you write down all your info for later reference.

  • 02. Passing Verification

    KYC is mandatory for using the Patriot Exchange. Ensure you input your personal data
    accurately and uploaded documents of each image are 2MB or smaller in JPG/PNG formats.

  • 03. Funding your account by sending BTC/XRP/LTC/PATX

    Make sure to fund your account immediately in order to buy/sell or trade within the platform.
    NOTE: Trading Tokens does not cost any GAS FEE'S. Within the platform.

  • HOW-TO: Buying PATX Token

    Buy or send Ethereum to your exchange wallet address. Locate the PATX/ETH pairing on the platform and buy as much as you like.
    NOTE: 10,000 PATX is the minimum amount required in order to receive Quarterly Patriot Drops. Accumulate 25,000 PATX and you will be designated a VIP, affording you out lowest trading fees.

  • HOW-TO: Depositing funds

    Once your account is setup. Click on the wallet on the menu to the left.
    Select the asset and generate an address. This address can receive transfers from outside wallets or other exchange platforms.

  • HOW-TO: Withdrawing funds

    In your account under the wallet menu, select withdraw and your desired amount. Make sure you have at least 1 USDT and appropriate network fess.
    The withdraw fees (No apostrophe) help support the network by ensuring safe and fast transactions.

Development of Patriot Exchange
(Road Map)

  • 2020



    Market Research

    (November - December)

  • 2021

    (1Q 2021)

    Formation of foundersteam Business plan

    (2Q 2021)

    Beta Platform
    Development v1

    (3Q 2021)

    Development v2
    closed beta testing

    (4Q 2021 10/01/21)

    Launch Platform
    to the public

  • 2022

    (1Q 2022 11/2021)

    Fiat On Ramper
    Debit/Credit cards to crypto
    Nov 2021

    (1Q 2022)

    Patriot Drops
    Airdrops for users
    w/10k+ PATX

    01/06/22 Patriot Drops
    Started being sent out for Q1


    Referral Program
    Limited SMS Verification

    2023 Expansion
    addition of a new margin trading
    & Full SMS integration

Patriot Drops - Airdrops for holding PATX


MIN – PATX 10,000


Price – as of 09/28/2022

Reward layout annually:

Hard Cap set at 2,500,000 PATX

Amount bonus
25,000+ .9%
150,001+ 1.4%
1,000,001+ 1.9%

The Patriot Exchange reserves the right to grant or deny patriot drops, or other transactions to anyone on the PATX Platform. Every Exchange User Must comply with KYC and upload all necessary documents to be approved.

Distribution of Tokens


Founders Tokens Locked for 5years

Each following year 10% of Founders Tokens will become available for sale


Publics Tokens


Reserved for the marketing


Give aways


Upcoming Patriot Drops


Patriot Drops sent out to users.


Reserved for other campaigns


MISC items

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:

Download Litepaper

Core Team

Christopher Obey

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Telegram GETTR

A.K.A SilverFox. Retired Police officer from CT. Trader at heart.

Fernando Nunez

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Twitter Telegram WehubSpace

A.K.A Nunez in the chats. Nunez is a former CEO of KuboCoin.

Jared B. (Repo)

(Lead Developer & UI/UX Design)

Github Twitter Linkedin WehubSpace GETTR

Co-Founder and CEO of WehubSpace.com social media platform. Started programming in 1994 off and on until 2016 then it became everyday. Helped PATX make it's smart contract token and then fully joined the Patriot Exchange team in early June 2021.


(Telegram Admin)

Our Partners

Blue Lives Matters NYC

(Registered 501(c)3 nonprofit)

A registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to help Law Enforcement Officers and their families during their time of need.

Let's Go Brandon Token

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Urgent Vault Cloud Storage


With UrgentVault.com, you can store electronic copies of DNR, Power of Attorney and your will (or a document with the location of your will.) You can create a profile for each and then share access to the profile with the person you choose.

Latest News

Oct 03, 2022

Free Bitcoin with sign up

Sign up now to collect your FREE Bitcoin.

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Nov 24, 2021

The Patriot Report v1

Staking/Air Drop Rewards - With the exchange market getting more and more competitive, we want to separate ourselves from the pack and offer our supporters more for their money. Starting in 2022.

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Feb 02, 2022

The Patriot Report v2

Blood In the Streets……Again? - With the recent slump in the cryptocurrency market, many have found themselves selling assets and taking a hit in value in their portfolio.

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Feb 14, 2022

Patriot Exchange Litepaper released

Patriot Exchange has released it's Litepaper for everyone to view. Any questions about the litepaper please email us or visit our telegra/discord channel.

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Feb 14, 2022


FreedomCoin has been added to Patriot Exchange and all Trumpcoin holders will be swapped along with trading/withdraw/deposit history.

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Jan 29, 2022



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Jan 29, 2022



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PATX Benchmade Knife

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Limit Edition Banchmade Knife.

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List your project on PATX $4500 USD

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